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Production programme


  • machine building
    • conveyer belt
    • separators
    • etc.
  • machining
    • castings malleable iron. cast iron, grey cast iron, manganese steel, corrosion-proof materials, etc.)
    • forged pieces
    • rolled materials

Power engineering

  • production of universal current terminals
  • production of rope suspension clamps

Water utilization area

  • manufacturing of equipment for pump stations, water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants of stainless steel - grades 11 and 17.
  • manufacturing of piping and piping components:
    • flanges (flat, neck, loose, blind) in accordance to ČSN, DIN, etc.
    • reductions
    • segmental elbows
    • T-pieces and manifolds
    • connection material (flange joints and packing)
    • blind bottoms (slab)
    • piping mounting
    • stainless steel - grades 11 and 17

Civil engineering

  • manufacture of ceiling/floor construction beams and columns for halls
  • locksmithery:
    • steel constructions of hoppers for building materials
    • staircases
    • railing
    • distribution boxes
    • shaft covering
    • ramps
    • U profiles and L folded profiles
    • grade 11 steel and grade 17 stainless steel
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